Yultron is a Los Angeles based artist/producer who is quickly rising and gaining notoriety in the electronic music community. He has gained major momentum in the past year from many achievements like 8+ million plays on Soundcloud to producing a #1 single in South Korea with K-pop rapper Jay Park.


Yultron has worked with popular electronic artists like Kayzo, Ookay, Dotcom, and has done official remixes for Jauz and Adventure Club. Having only produced for three years, Yultron has also gained support from veteran acts such as Flosstradamus and Jack U who play out his songs in major festivals around the world.


For this new single, Yultron teamed up with Korean-US hip hop star Jay Park, known for his AOMG label in South Korea as well as hits like ‘Mommae’ and ‘Me Like Yuh’ and ‘All I Wanna Do’. Recently, Jay Park was signed to Jay Z’s renowned Roc Nation empire.


Added to the list of collaborators is Bone Thugs, the famed US R&B/hip hop act already making waves in the 90s with several hit tracks, including their huge hit ‘Tha Crossroads’. Still alive and kicking, the group brings its fast and melodic raps to ‘Thuggin 4 My Baby, a stunning tune that bridges the gap between genres, taking things further in the current music scene, out on the recently launched Trap City record label.


“I’m super grateful to work with the legendary Bone Thugs, one of my favorite rap groups growing up, alongside my homie and recent Roc Nation signee, Jay Park. The point of this record was to use my musical forte to break cultural boundaries, bridging the East and West with rap from Korea and America fused with dance music.” – Yultron



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