A poisonous love is as addictive as a bad drug. In her newest track “Dose of You,” Helena Legend teams up with singer/songwriter kirstin™ to explore the passionate and often painful nuances of loving-and returning-to a toxic relationship. “Dose of You” features Legend‘s signature breathy, sultry vocals, this time twinged with almost tangible emotional turmoil, complemented by lilting, groovy basslines. “I was very excited to collaborate with kirstin on this track, and I’m honored to be able to work with her on this feature,” says Helena of their teaming. “It was a journey developing the idea on this one, but I love how it turned out.” Staying true to her last EP, “No Explanations“, “Dose of You” continues with a more mature, futuristic sound for Helena. The triple threat singer, songwriter, and producer has a talent for enveloping the listener in the emotions and environments of her tracks, and “Dose of You” is one that everyone can relate to.

The electronic dance music scene first heard of Helena when her debut single “Girl From The Sky” shot to the top of the Australian club charts, remaining at the Number 1 spot for four straight weeks, and consequently making Helena a seemingly overnight star. However, Legend‘s involvement with music started at an early age, when she was trained on the cello and piano; her music career to date is simply a culmination of her talent and hard work. She has had multiple successful tracks since her debut, such as “Raven” and “Legend,” and released on some of the world’s most renowned record labels, such as Ultra, Spinnin, and Musical Freedom. Her electrifying live sets have earned her a loyal following of “Helena’s Legends,” and this following has led to her traveling across the globe to perform. Helena has already set the bar high, and she continues to impress with every wave of new music. Press play on “Dose of You” to discover the latest version of the ever-evolving Helena Legend.



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Όπου υπάρχει DJing και μουσική, υπάρχει ζωή!!! Μεγαλώνω με αυτό το "δόγμα" και περιβάλλομαι από ανθρώπους που βλέπουν την αγάπη για το DJing ως προσφορά! Αυτό είναι ...!

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