Paul Young – Love Of The Common People


Living on free food tickets

Water in the milk from a hole in the roof
Where the rain came through
What can you do?
Tears from your little sister crying
Because she doesn’t have a dress without a patch for the party to go

But you know she’ll get by.
‘Cause she’s living in the love of the common people
Smiles from the heart of the family man.
Daddy’s gonna buy her a dream to cling to
And mama’s gonna love her just as much as she can and she can.

It’s a good thing you don’t have busfare

It would fall through the whole in your pocket
And you’d lose it in the snow on the ground.
You gotta walk into town to find a job.
‘Trying to keep your hands warm when the hole in your shoe
Let’s the snow come through and it chills you to the bone


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Ξεκίνησε να μιξάρει στα 12 σε.. μπομπινόφωνο και στα 16 του βρέθηκε στα πλατό της θρυλικής Boom Boom στην Καστέλλα του Πειραιά. Λατρεύει το Live Remixing αυστηρά με βινύλια, σιχαίνεται τα CD και είναι υδροχόος. Τον συναντάμε και σαν Dj Power!

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