When it comes to breaking new musical ground, Will Sparks is always ahead of the game. Having spearheaded the Melbourne sound from early in his career, the young producer has always been one step ahead. And his latest collaboration with the multi-talented award-winning actress, singer and songwriter, Priyanka Chopra, underlines his talent for bringing something fresh every time.


Priyanka Chopra has previously collaborated with will.i.am, Pitbull and The Chainsmokers and Young & Free is by far her boldest and most exciting musical step yet. Priyanka’s uplifting songwriting and outstanding voice, together with Will Sparks’ unique production style combine to create a forward-thinking record which is perfectly primed for clubs, festivals and your favourite streaming service playlist.


“I wanted Young & Free to feel like a track ahead of its time. Collaborating with Priyanka has taken it to a whole new level. Her message and incredible voice combined with my production style has created something unique and I’m super excited to release it on Ultra!” – WILL SPARKS


“I wrote this song at a very precarious time in my life. The lyrics were born from a need for freedom… whatever that freedom may mean to each one of us. What I love most about this track is the spontaneity from which it was born. While I was writing, Will was mixing the track into a roar of emotions and rebelliousness. It all came together in a true creative way.  Will has taken the lyrics and given them life. This song reminded me of how much I love making music.”PRIYANKA CHOPRA


This is the latest in a series of successes for the 24-year-old Will Sparks, previously named one of Billboard’s most exciting young talents and clocking up a spot in last year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll.


Will Sparks Young & Free ft. Priyanka Chopra is out now via Ultra Music.



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