H Upfilter Records είναι μια ακόμη νέα “ετικέτα” στον τομέα ηλεκτρονική μουσική με έδρα την Ελλάδα και ειδικότερα τα βόρεια της χώρας μας!

Μέσα από μια φρέσκια αντίληψη για τον ήχο του σήμερα και του αύριο, έχουν σαν κίνητρο να σας … χορέψουν με underground πινελιές από όλα τα διαφορικά μουσικά είδη όπως:

EDM, House, Electro, Electro House, Techno & ότι κινείται στον πλανήτη dance music!

Πρώτο δείγμα και επίσημο release το WILDFIRE από Jareth Cole

UPFILTER Records first strong step in order to fulfill its vision in the soundscape of electronic music isJareth Cole with the track “Wildfire”. A new project from a veteran composer and producer who presents a complextro composition with a “dirty” bass sound created from saw waves, short and high-pitched riffs, electro-influenced synths and characteristic vocals. “Wildfire” by Jareth Cole is a massive trip to unidentified landscapes of music and moves you to dance unstoppably.

Bio: Jareth Cole

Jareth Cole was born in France and showed his propensity towards music making as early as the age of 12. He was raised in America for a number of years and returned to France in the late 90’s, right at the peak of the then termed “French Touch” House Music scene, which was pioneered by the likes of Motorbass and Daft Punk. At the turn of the Millennium one of the biggest markets outside of France for this genre of dance music happened to be in Athens, Greece. Jareth moved there in the mid 2000’s where he began playing in clubs and also made his first early attempts at producing. His love for electro house and complextro expressed by artists such as Justice, Wolfgang Gartner and Porter Robinson fueled his own desire to compose that type of music with his own personal style. His passion for music along with his unique personal style came to fruition when he signed with UPFILTER Records.



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