An elegant trip to the most inspiring islands of the planet! We travel to Mykonos, Greece!

We spread some of the beauty of sounds that may describe the #soundofMykonos!

Mykonos is found in the heart of Cyclades. It is an island with a double personality: it is one of the most picturesque Cycladic islands, with picturesque streets, white houses, chapels and windmills, and simultaneously one of the most known tourist destinations, which has been distinguished at a world level for its cosmopolitan character.Clubs, bars and beaches of the island have all been filled for many decades with tourists, eponymous and anonymous.

Mykonos is an island that guarantees that its visitors will have fun, no matter if they are worshippers of night life and intense emotions or the kind of travellers that wish to get to know the place, to visit sights such as archaeological sites, monuments, churches, picturesque settlements and familiarize with the tradition and life of the residents. Mykonos offers all the above and covers all expectations.





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