Snap! – Rhythm Is A Dancer


Rhythym is a dancer,
It´s a soul´s companion,
You can feel it everywhere

Lift your hands and voices
Free your mind and join us
You can feel it in the air

Ooh, it´s a passion
Ooh, you can feel it in the air
Ooh, it´s a passion
Ooh, ooh, ooh, oh

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A far away light in the futuristic place we might be,
It´s a tiny world just big enough to support the kingdom of one
Throw away the loneliness and head back down,
I´m going too fast, I´m going too fast

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I plunge right on through the office door,
And into the arms of the bottomless negro of love,
Suddenly I can´t remember,
How to stop, or turn around,

Do I have to get behind myself,
Do I have to turn around before I can point,
I flip ´til I can breathe

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Written by Thea Austin, Benito Benites, John Virgo Iii Garrett, Daniel Grossmann, Matthias Mania, Jens Ophaelders • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group



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Ξεκίνησε να μιξάρει στα 12 σε.. μπομπινόφωνο και στα 16 του βρέθηκε στα πλατό της θρυλικής Boom Boom στην Καστέλλα του Πειραιά. Λατρεύει το Live Remixing αυστηρά με βινύλια, σιχαίνεται τα CD και είναι υδροχόος. Τον συναντάμε και σαν Dj Power!

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