Kraak & Smaak are the producer trio consisting of Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug that hail from that sweet hub of electronic music, the Netherlands.

If you’ve ever seen this trio live, you’ll know why they stand out to music lovers galore with their live blend of DJ’s and a full band. This unique aspect, among others, has taken them to massive international gigs such as Coachella, ULTRA WMC Miami, Exit, Detroit Electronic Music Festival and Glastonbury throughout their career. Now, the guys bring us a mix of warped nu-disco sounds for their new single: Scorched ft. IVAR.

Previous releases from Kraak & Smaak include Chrome Waves, and Juicy Fruit and remixes of Jamiroquai, Royksop and Aretha Franklin’s tracks. Other works also hold fresh appeal with involvement from producers that Kraak & Smaak admire and follow, such as Eli Escobar, Fouk and Purple Disco Machine. Whilst working in the studio, the guys coincide with their busy touring schedule, ensuring that their performance is at the forefront of what they are doing.

Kraak & Smaak are the experienced producers that bring us another groovy Saturday night on the dance floor. With over ten years in the industry, the artistic vision of these three has produced their new single, Scorched ft. IVAR, that shows us all how this musical game is meant to be played.



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John Adamis

Όπου υπάρχει DJing και μουσική, υπάρχει ζωή!!! Μεγαλώνω με αυτό το "δόγμα" και περιβάλλομαι από ανθρώπους που βλέπουν την αγάπη για το DJing ως προσφορά! Αυτό είναι ...!

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