H Pioneer μπήκε στη διαδικασία πώλησης του DJ department της, που μονοπωλεί το αγοραστικό DJing περιβάλλον εδώ και 15χρόνια!

Η εταιρία είναι υπεύθυνη για την ισχυρή τεχνολογική υποδομή που προσέφερε στον χώρο και τα υπέροχα εργαλεία που μας χάρισε! Πάμε να δούμε μερικές σημαντικές ημερομηνίες και αγαπημένα μοντέλα!

1996 – DJM-500


1998 – EFX-500


The world’s first dedicated DJ effects unit that ushered in a new era of creativity into DJing.

2001 – CDJ-1000


The first ever CD player to replicate vinyl control and a godsend for vinyl DJs with bad backs everywhere. There were so many innovations, from reverse play to waveform display on this player that it was destined to change DJing forever.

2002 – DMP-555


Just as the MP3 was taking over the world, Pioneer’s next groundbreaker was this multimedia player that was the first to be able play MP3s from an SD card as well as from a CD. It was a harbinger of what was to come with Pioneers’s USB drive-friendly CDJs that began to spell the end for the big and bulky record bag.

2003 – CDJ-1000MK3


A refined model of the CDJ-1000 that became industry standard.

2004 – DVJ-X1


The world’s first DJ DVD player to manipulate video via vinyl control.

2004 – DJM-909


The first two-channel scratch DJ mixer with a touch screen LCD screen as well as onboard effects.

2008 – SVM-1000


Just as VJing was becoming a buzzy new area of musical endeavour, Pioneer released the first four channel DJ video mixer with touchscreen
audio and video FX. Sadly, multitasking was beyond most DJs and few carried on the art of video as well as audio club mixing.

2011 – DJM-900nexus


This four-channel industry standard DJ mixer was to take the world of effects-laden mixers into overdrive with its combination of LFO controlled effects and manually manipulated filter effects on each channel.

2009 – CDJ-2000


The DJ media player that, with the help of USB technology, reduced the record bag (for some) to pocket size. Although the CDJ 400 had the first USB input, the 2000 took the feature to the masses in much greater numbers helped along by other irresistible features like sync control and wifi linakability.



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