Jan Morel - The Studio Magician!

Jan Morel - The Studio Magician!

Hi Jan Morel,It is a pleasure for us to welcome you on God is a DJ.grexclusive DJ portal for Greek DJs… Recently, a young Greek DJhad a spirit. He worked hard, kept money aside from his gigsand season sets and had a vision. To build a studio … to puthim inside a unique place that would spend days & nights andasked that by you!Together with our welcome, please tell us how important anddifferent might be the feeling for you to be selected from TOPinternational DJs/Producers or just unknown people with adream that you be the “magician” of their studio construction?!

hardwell studio2.jpg

For me there is no difference for whom I do a project.Every new room is another challenge and I like to put in allthe energy I have. When I am free to put in my creativitywithout any limits, it’s really cool. When it is a small roomwith a tight budget it’s also a big challenge to get the bestout of it in sound and looks.For me it’s important to get those two elements in perfectharmony. As you said , the DJ spends days and nights in his room, that’swhy it has to be according his taste and in the right ambience.This makes him feel good and comfortable in the studio.!!

Well, can you please describe to us, what are you doingexactly? Do you and your team prepare everything from thetypical stylus architecture point till the special audio side?!

The room itself is important for the final design. It all dependson many different points like the construction of the walls,floor and ceiling. Another important issue is the buildings’ architecture of the house itself. We always try to get te designto fit in well.!!

The last 15 years your country is the leading power of the new Electronic Dance Scene. Especially the last 5 years, too manyartists, DJs & producers have been rising making Holland theEDM Dream Team! How do you feel about all this and been apart of the “industry” what are you suggesting for us forexample the Greek DJ / Producing scene to do and be successful?!

I am proud of the great succes the Dutch DJ’s have achieved .Many of them I know in person. What I can say about them is;they are all workaholics, following their hearts, dedicated toand passionate about the music they make.These are the ingredients for succes.!

kalamata studio.jpg

Do you happen to know or listen any stuff from Greek DJs/Producers? Have you been contacted for building a studio to afamous Greek person so far?!

Recently I was in Greece to do the studio room for Luis Giannfrom Kalamata.The preparations have been done by Luis himself and Isupported him online.When he was ready with the preparations I came over to dothe acoustic treatment.It was a very nice job to do and for me it was the first time tobe in Greece.I like your country very much.!

hardwell progress studio.jpg

It is globally well known that you are the man, behind themagnificent studio of Hardwell, N#1 DJ for 2013. You knowhim well! Can you share with us, his impressions and facereaction when he received the studio key?!

It was on a friday night when Hardwell (Robbert) entered the studio for the first time.He was flabbergasted and more than happy with the finalresult of sound and design.Together with family we had a small party with some drinks. Inthe meanwhile he played some of his music. In the end hethanked me with a big hug and a hughe smile on his face.!

hardwell studio.jpg

I am sure that lot of our Greek DJs/producers reading now this interview, would feel that making a studio installation set upwith you, that will cost a fortune! Can you tell us, from whichprice this could be done from you and your team hands?!

Small rooms ( 2,5 m x 3,5 m) start from around 3000,00 euro’s . This will offer you the sound and looks according to my designs.

Jan it was apleasure doing this interview with you! Weare looking forward to meet you in Greece soon for more studios!!

I am looking forward to visiting Greece again and to do some beautifulnew projects for the Greece Dj’s.

Posted By: Kyriakos Maragos
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